BBQ Chicken Leg Quarters


BBQ chicken leg quarters are super quick and easy and don’t require a marinade. The skin is perfectly crisp and they turn out delicious every time! On the grill is one of our favorite ways to cook them and is always a crowd pleaser.


- Chicken Leg Quarters - BBQ Sauce

HOW TO MAKE BBQ Chicken Leg Quarters

Place the charcoal in the grill, below the grates. Use lighter fluid to light the charcoal. Let sit until the coals have started to get white.

Wash the chicken. Place the leg quarters on the grill and sauce them well. Flip chicken every 5 minutes to keep it from burning. Repeat adding the sauce at every turn.

Cook until the chicken reaches a temperature of 175-180 degrees F. This is best for dark meat as it renders the fat at this stage.

Remove the chicken from the grill  and serve with your favorite BBQ  side dish.